About Hungry For Protein

Hi, we’re Dave and Diana here! Two people just trying to get healthier who happen to have a love affair with protein. We’re constantly experimenting with new recipes and learning about how protein fits into a healthy lifestyle. We’ll share all our best ideas with you!

About Us

Like most people, we grew up with no knowledge of how to eat healthy. Our families didn’t care about macros or calories or anything like that. Just as long as we were fed. Bless their hearts.

We grew up separately (Dave’s from Canada and Diana’s from California) but at some point, we both got tired of “winging it” with nutrition and tried experimenting with diets, beginning around the time we started college. Diana tried Atkins to some success. Dave’s tried several variations of low-carb diets and was pretty hardcore into paleo at one point.

Looking back on what’s worked for us and what hasn’t, we realized that all of the “healthy diets” out there typically have one piece of advice in common: “you need to eat more protein.”

In our experience, this was the key. When we ate more protein, we noticed that our energy level increased, our workout recovery time was faster, and our body weight stabilized. Lots of good things to love. There was only one problem with trying to follow a high-protein diet:

Most of our society’s diet is based around eating CARBS!

Look, carbs are not inherently bad, but they’re everywhere, and can be tough to avoid if you’re very pro-protein.

For protein lovers like us, we found that we really needed to go out of our way to hit our protein intake goals. We didn’t just want to eat chicken breast all the time. So Diana started coming up with a bunch of recipes, and Dave started doing a lot of research about protein and how we could optimize our protein intake.

We’re far from professionals, and we’re not experts. But we are learning tons of things along the way.

We’d love to share what we’re learning with you and help you with your protein and nutrition goals!

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