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High Protein Togarashi Sauce

I’m always on the look-out for great tasting high-protein sauces to add to my sandwiches, wraps, salad bowls and more. Traditionally, this was where I would turn to mayonnaise or some sort of creamy dressing. But seeing how they’re usually super fatty, I can’t exactly go there anymore….

Thank goodness for greek yogurt though! The tangy-ness, creaminess and texture definitely lends itself to a greater purpose and I’m happy to say I’ve found another such application for this AMAZING ingredient.

I make this high protein togarashi sauce whenever I want a kick in my food, especially something with an Asian flavor profile. Togarashi is a Japanese spice mixture consisting of sesame seed, poppy seed, hemp seed, nori and ground chili pepper.

My favorite way to use this sauce is to mix it in some chopped ahi tuna for a healthy and flavorful spicy tuna!

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Protein Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

When I was growing up in California, the ice cream man used to come around my block at 3pm every single day after the school bus had just dropped us off. The ice cream jingle would always lure us from our homework, cartoons or afternoon snack as we hurried out the door begging our parents for a dollar to get some ice cream (boy, were we easy to please!).

This worked most of the time, and unfortunately for my waistline, I became a serious ice cream addict. Some summers, this meant an ice cream bar at 3pm from the ice cream truck and a few scoops of ice cream after dinner.

That NEED for something ice cold and sweet in the afternoon and after dinner still persists until today. Most of the time I can get by it with a nice iced americano or black coffee. Other times, not so much. For those especially dire moments, I make these awesome protein chocolate ice cream bars. At 82 calories a pop, I can still have ice cream twice a day!

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Matcha Protein Pancakes Recipe

These matcha protein pancakes are subtly sweet and bitter with an added crunch thanks to the addition of chia seeds. That’s exactly why I find them so addicting!

After living in Asia for so many years as an expat, I’ve come to fully appreciate Asian desserts.

My favorite Asian dessert flavor is easily matcha! The fresh grassiness and bitterness is a perfect contrast in a sweet application. It’s the same concept as adding a bit of sea salt to a chocolate tart – it adds a level of depth that keeps you coming back for more.

I knew I just had to experiment using matcha in protein pancakes!

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Shakshouka – Spiced Tomato Sauce and Eggs

Some Sundays I wake up not wanting to do anything. I lay around, read the news, take another nap, wake up and before I know it its 1pm and my stomach is growling like mad.

Its times like these when I fully appreciate simple and quick meals. But knowing me – I’m not quite satisfied with any ol’ fried egg over toast. I ALWAYS want more…

This is when I turn to shakshouka – a spiced tomato sauce with poached eggs that hails from North Africa. The spices used in this dish are tantalizing and transport me a wonderful place where the food is as vibrant and rich as the cultures and languages it comes from.

And you want to know what the best part is? It only takes 15 mins to make! Hangry stomach – Be gone!

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High-Protein Quiche Recipe with Cottage Cheese

I come from a French colonial family on my mother’s side, so French food was always on the menu growing up. This upbringing gave me an appreciation for all the fatty things in life. We’re talking about stinky cheese, pâté, foie gras, dark chocolate and quiche!

When my love for food directed me toward cooking, one of my first challenges was to make a quiche lorraine from scratch. It was immensely satisfying to make my own pie dough, source unsmoked French bacon, crème fraîche and emmental cheese. Let’s just say at this point of time, I was a certified food hipster!

Little did I know the amount of calories in this classic French dish! One serving will set you back at over 500 calories!

Much to my dismay, I wasn’t able to enjoy this dish for a long time until I came up with this recipe for a high-protein quiche. At over 50% less calories per serving, it is not only a perfect addition to a healthy family brunch but it’ll easily keep for quick meals throughout the week!!

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High Protein Dessert Tart with PB2 & Chocolate Recipe

I absolutely loveeeee peanut butter! I could eat it for months at a time and seriously not get bored. I mean, what is there not to love? Its rich, luscious and nutty all at the same time.

Then I found PB2 and it seriously blew my mind. How could I possibly get that peanut butter without all the fat that usually comes with it?!

So I began putting it into my protein baked goods and high protein desserts. And there began my obsession with making recipes for PB2-based desserts.

One fateful day, I started craving something creamy and flaky for dessert, but wanted to keep it high protein. How could I make it with PB2?

This is where this high-protein dessert tart comes in. I get my peanut butter craving taken care of while keeping my macros in check. It’s gorgeous, delicious and totally satisfying. I can guarantee it will meet any cravings you may have and combined with the crispy crust, it will be gone before you know it!

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High Protein Broccoli and Feta Frittata

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. I can probably eat breakfast anytime of the day and be super giddy and oh so satisfied. What’s not to love? Cured meats, freshly baked goods and an abundance of jams and nut butters to spread on everything!

Only issue is that I’m an adult now and mom won’t be making my choice of breakfast anymore. Instead, every morning at 6am, my alarm rings to kick me out of bed. As I stumble my way to the front door and grab my gym gear, I also need a breakfast that is filling, tasty and portable.

This frittata fits the bill! It has veggies to keep me full, cheese and herbs to feed my inner fat kid (or should I say previous fat kid) and an abundance of egg whites to heal my torn muscles. I make one of these every single Sunday as part of my food prep. But to be honest, it usually doesn’t last that long….

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Healthy Thai Satay Sauce Recipe

One of my favorite dipping sauces in the world is a beautiful, smooth and totally decadent satay sauce. Char-grilled morsels of meat are dipped into the sauce and coat your tongue causing your taste buds to do happy dances all the way to your belly.

Satay sauce, however, is SUPER bad for you… darn that full-fat peanut butter, coconut milk and brown sugar!!

So what do I do? I lament my misfortune, of course, but the restriction gets me thinking … how can I make a healthy version of this famous Thai sauce and work it into my weekly meal prep?

At the end of my week, I’m usually bored of whatever food I have in the fridge. My rebelling taste buds want something unique and this healthy Thai satay sauce recipe gives me the best of both worlds. It’s great on its own, but dare I say, perfect for spicing up your leftovers!

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Healthy Thai Chicken Noodles Recipe

Healthy Thai Chicken Noodles
Healthy Thai Chicken Noodles
This meal idea is PERFECT for using up your leftovers with an awesome and healthy peanut satay dressing!

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 1

Nutrition Information:
  • 260 calories
Eating clean consistently is daunting to say the least. You get bored, you want more and your cravings take over. I find my willpower is the most lack-luster at the end of the week when I’ve already eaten the food I meal prepped on Monday twice over. I REALLY do not want to eat it a third round. So what do I do?

My secret ingredient in these circumstances is to take inspiration from the different places I’ve lived in. In the summer of 2010 I was interning at the UN in Bangkok and loved the layered flavors, the herbs and the spices. Nothing could beat a smooth and totally decadent satay sauce.

My favorite moment in that time of my life consisted of me walking down the street and finding a street vendor that would hand me a half dozen char-grill meat skewers and a vat of satay sauce.

Taking inspiration from this gorgeous sauce, this post is more of a meal idea than a full-fledged recipe.

This healthy peanut satay dressing is made from PB2 and is super useful when I need an extra dose of flavor (and willpower!).

It helps me stick to my goals, use up my remaining leftovers and with the addition of shirataki noodles – it also keeps my total carb count low!! What more could you ask for at the end of the week?

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Healthy High-Protein Spinach Chicken Meatballs Recipe

High Protein Chicken Meatballs
High Protein Chicken Meatballs
These high protein chicken meatballs are made with chicken breast and spinach at the core. Juicy, full of lean meat, fiber and flavor!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 18

When I first started food-prepping, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Roast a bunch of chicken breasts in the oven, steam some broccoli and add a bunch of Sriracha sauce. Eat for 5 days straight. Rinse and repeat. On some days, I thought thinking outside of the box consisted of substituting broccoli with asparagus or chicken breasts for tuna. It would satiate me but it sure didn’t inspire.

Once I got sick of food-prepping in this manner, I started to think more about how I actually wanted to eat. Thankfully, I have a great role model – my mom. I was 13 years old when my dad got bypass surgery because he had eaten fatty food all his life. Food is king in our household and my dad was spoiled. When he got out of surgery, he refused to eat “healthy” food. So instead, my mom got creative and started making healthy delicious home-cooked meals by “mocking” her recipes with leaner meats and more vegetables.

This recipe was my break away from the norm and an homage to my mom. These high protein chicken meatballs are made with chicken breast and spinach at the core. But they’re far from boring. Instead, they’re chock full of lean meat, fiber and flavor. Not to mention they’re ridiculously moist and delicious!!

Pair with your favorite tomato sauce or dip them in some hot sauce. From using them as a main course to a high-protein snack, I bet you’ll go back to them time and time again as a staple in your healthy diet repertoire.

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