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Healthy Thai Satay Sauce Recipe

One of my favorite dipping sauces in the world is a beautiful, smooth and totally decadent satay sauce. Char-grilled morsels of meat are dipped into the sauce and coat your tongue causing your taste buds to do happy dances all the way to your belly.

Satay sauce, however, is SUPER bad for you… darn that full-fat peanut butter, coconut milk and brown sugar!!

So what do I do? I lament my misfortune, of course, but the restriction gets me thinking … how can I make a healthy version of this famous Thai sauce and work it into my weekly meal prep?

At the end of my week, I’m usually bored of whatever food I have in the fridge. My rebelling taste buds want something unique and this healthy Thai satay sauce recipe gives me the best of both worlds. It’s great on its own, but dare I say, perfect for spicing up your leftovers!

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Healthy Thai Chicken Noodles Recipe

Healthy Thai Chicken Noodles
Healthy Thai Chicken Noodles
This meal idea is PERFECT for using up your leftovers with an awesome and healthy peanut satay dressing!

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 1

Nutrition Information:
  • 260 calories
Eating clean consistently is daunting to say the least. You get bored, you want more and your cravings take over. I find my willpower is the most lack-luster at the end of the week when I’ve already eaten the food I meal prepped on Monday twice over. I REALLY do not want to eat it a third round. So what do I do?

My secret ingredient in these circumstances is to take inspiration from the different places I’ve lived in. In the summer of 2010 I was interning at the UN in Bangkok and loved the layered flavors, the herbs and the spices. Nothing could beat a smooth and totally decadent satay sauce.

My favorite moment in that time of my life consisted of me walking down the street and finding a street vendor that would hand me a half dozen char-grill meat skewers and a vat of satay sauce.

Taking inspiration from this gorgeous sauce, this post is more of a meal idea than a full-fledged recipe.

This healthy peanut satay dressing is made from PB2 and is super useful when I need an extra dose of flavor (and willpower!).

It helps me stick to my goals, use up my remaining leftovers and with the addition of shirataki noodles – it also keeps my total carb count low!! What more could you ask for at the end of the week?

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